April 29, 2022 - Lexington, KY

During my trip to Lexington for the Kentucky 3 Day Event, myself, my friend Halle, and her mom Robyn took a morning excursion to Keeneland Race Course. Located in the heart of horse country, Keeneland is open to the public daily, whether to watch a race or simply visit the beautiful and historic grounds. I hadn't been to a race track since I was a young kid, and this was my first time watching a morning exercise. We stood right at the rail of the track, and were greeted and received smiles from numerous exercise riders, with a couple calls of "Getting good pictures?" which really made my morning.

I've always wanted to experience galloping a horse on the track. Despite being a former racehorse, my own horse Timber prefers to travel at a much more leisurely pace. As much as I would love to feel the power of a Thoroughbred at a full gallop, it appears that I am bound to a more laid-back way of going for the time being.

I haven't done much in the way of black and white photography, but this particular image spoke to me. I had a go at some more unique editing and love the way it turned out.

In Sync

It was so fun capturing pairs of horses as they galloped past me perfectly synchronized.