Ashley & Sweetie

Newstead Equestrian Center

March 11, 2023

Winter weather doesn't mean portrait sessions have to stop! Ashley braved the cold with me to capture beautiful portraits after a fresh snowfall. The contrast of the snow with Sweetie's jet black coat really made them stand out.

Woman riding a black horse, leaning down hugging its neck, winter portrait
Snowy landscape portrait with horse and rider in the middle

A Surprise 2 for 1 Special

Sweetie's registered name is Liebchen MV, which means sweetheart in German, making her barn name very fitting. She was purchased in August 2020 as a jumper prospect from a breeding facility in Alberta, Canada. Little did anyone know that Sweetie was pregnant! It was certainly very unexpected, but it turned out to be an amazing experience for Ashley, especially getting to hear the foal's heartbeat for the first time. Her absolute favorite memory was the night that the foal was born, a colt she named Letzte Liebe. He was Sweetie's first foal, but she was so careful and patient with him, and watching her instincts know how to clean and protect him was unforgettable.

Woman standing in front of a black horse with a wintery background

Ashley is very proud of how far along Sweetie has come in her training. She couldn't canter under saddle when she first got her, and the pregnancy definitely set them back, but now she is jumping courses and big grids. The mare is talented, and Ashley laughs at the fact that Sweetie has successfully jumped out of every pasture she has been in at four different barns, including while being two weeks away from giving birth! Fortunately, it's not something she does very often. Sweetie was quite shy when she first came to Ashley, wanting nothing to do with grain or treats of any sort. She has now learned to love treats, her favorite being peppermints.

Conformation shot of a black warmblood mare in front of a frozen pond.
Woman on a black horse in the snow riding straight towards the camera.
Large star shaped snip on the nose of a black horse.
Woman hugging the neck of her black horse, winter portrait
Woman leaning against her black horse as the horse wraps its head around her, winter portrait
Snowy landscape portrait, rider on a black horse in the middle
Woman with her cheek pressed against the nose of her horse, winter portrait
Woman riding a black horse against a blue barn wall.