Photographed at SBS Farms

July 21, 2023

This was my first time shooting a session at the Buffalo Equestrian Center, and the Tudor-style of the barn as well as its location right in the city made for some unique portraits. My favorite spot however, was a small patch of grass between the two driveways, which provided a ton of greenery in the background and sunlight filtering through the trees. It was a perfect summer evening, giving us the most beautiful glowy golden hour light. We also did a black background session, with Flick being done up nicely with hunter braids.

Motion Picture "Flick"

Jackie has been leasing Flick from the BTRC for almost 3 years. She loves how he nickers at her when she comes into the barn, and he likes any and all treats. Her favorite memory with him is showing in Saratoga, as he is wonderful there and it is a fun time every year.

black background of a bay warmblood horse with hunter braids
horse and rider portrait, bay horse, woman in green dress, lots of greenery in background

Taking a brief intermission from the photoshoot for a glass of wine. Future portrait session offering - a mid-session wine and cheese break??

woman holding a glass of wine, horse sniffing glass
woman kissing horse on the nose, sun flare
headshot black background portrait of a bay warmblood with hunter braids
bay horse and woman in green dress in front of the Buffalo Equestrian Center
woman in green dress leaning against bay horse, golden hour light
black and white black background braid shot with horse's head down
black and white portrait of woman kissing horse's nose, Buffalo Equestrian Center
horse and rider portrait in front of a tall brown fence, evening sunlight
woman laughing as her bay horse puts his nose against her cheek
evening sun shining over the top of a building, horse and woman pose in front
golden hour horse and rider portrait, sunlight shining through trees
woman in green dress crouched in front of bay horse with his head down towards her