Bloopers 2021 & 2022

To the people that think an equine photoshoot is all glamour, horses certainly have a funny way of proving you wrong! Check out some of my favorite blooper images from the last couple of years! I think these images are so fun, and I love showing them to my clients in their image reveals.

Bowie being the king of multi-tasking: taking a snack break AND clearing the perfect size opening in the branches at the same time!

Black background, bay horse sticking his tongue out
Full body bay warmblood horse sticking his tongue out at his owner
Rider in a cowboy hat sticking her tongue out while her horse shakes its head
Girl laughing while standing with her bay warmblood horse
Girl's hair flying around wildly as she stands with a black and white paint draft horse

Say Cheese!

Girl and chestnut horse both smiling for the camera
Girl with a chestnut horse that is shaking its head
Strawberry roan pony with a Christmas wreath around his neck, two disembodied hands coming into the right side of frame

Anything to get those ears up!

Chestnut horse posing for black background portrait while a beagle and golden retriever photobomb

Can you spot both photobombers?

Strawberry roan pony nuzzles trainer's neck as she bends over to pick up one of the pony's legs