6 seniors, 9 horses, a little over 2 hour's time. could it be done? Absolutely!

It's that time of year again! The graduating senior members of the Geneseo Equestrian Team grab their favorite horses, give them a spa day, and get dressed up and ready for their photoshoot! I was thrilled to be back at Leg Up Stables to photograph the occasion. Congratulations to the Class of 2022!


This 4 year-old Thoroughbred gelding is a total sweetheart, and Alison loves getting to be a part of his journey. It was such a delight to photograph the interaction between these two. Alison will be attending Rutgers in the fall to earn her Masters degree!


A big personality in an even bigger body, Houston has earned himself quite the fanbase. Anyone that has spent time working with this draft gelding has quickly fallen for him. Even though he can be a bit of a scaredy-cat, Haley loves that he will still do whatever is asked of him. Haley and her own horse Classic have shown multiple times at the New York State Fair!

Liz & tombstone

"Tomby" is another gelding that has won the hearts of many students. He is so comfortable it feels like riding a cloud! He is also the only horse in this group that has been in front of my camera before! An interesting fact about Liz is that she and her family take care of a wide array of unique pets. Besides a horse and two dogs, they have frogs, an axolotl, bearded dragon, praying mantids, isopods, and tarantulas!

Terra & Fargo & chesapeake

Terra had photos done with me last year, featuring a cute chestnut mare that she had been riding for a boarder. Now she's back this year with her two favorite school horses. Fargo, the buckskin paint gelding, is a steady, reliable beginner horse. The bay paint mare Chesapeake, affectionately nicknamed Cheese, is looking to make her IHSA fences debut this fall! A fun fact about Terra is that she has jumped a Tennessee Walking Horse!

Kristin & lexington

This Paint/Thoroughbred cross gelding is a favorite among many team members. He is a great flat horse for lessons and shows, and has been working on gaining confidence over fences. Kristin currently works at a vet clinic and is hoping to attend vet school!

lian & concord

Another Paint/Thoroughbred cross, Concord is a sensitive but sweet gelding. He can often be seen showing in the various Leg Up Stables shows throughout the year, as well as Geneseo's IHSA home shows in the fall. Lian is now traveling in Spain after graduating as a Spanish major, and will be coming home to newly adopted kitten King, and dogs Duke and Lilly! Lian will then be working as a Physical Therapist Assistant.

spanky & gibson

These two senior geldings joined in at the end of the session. They are true solid citizens and have been wonderful additions to the lesson program, so they definitely deserved their turn in the spotlight. By this time in the evening, we had some serious golden hour light occurring.

more photos!

Fun Facts!

Houston, Tombstone, and Chesapeake are full siblings, as are Lexington and Concord. And all five of these horses also share a sire! Kim Sanford's Paint stallion Ragtime Nation is the father to many horses on the farm. He is a very good-natured horse known for passing his temperament and soundness to his offspring. Here he is in his black background session from last spring!