Group of four seniors with four unique horses

Leg Up Stables - May 12, 2023

I returned to Leg Up Stables once again to photograph the Geneseo Equestrian Team seniors. It was a little bittersweet as this was the last of the members that I rode with while I was on the team in college. This is a special session that I've loved doing every year, and hope to keep coming back! This year I had a group of four seniors with six horses in front of my camera and it was perfect weather with gorgeous lighting.

Cadence & Legs & Sephora

Legs is Cadence's horse, and her favorite memory of him is the first time she ever rode him and knowing immediately that she wanted to buy him. Ever since, she has been falling more in love with him every single day. Sephora is a Leg Up horse that Cadence has been working with, and after putting in a lot of hard work, they were champion at their first show together, later winning year-end champion for their division. Cadence will be attending University at Buffalo in the fall to get her masters in geological sciences, where she hopes to be doing some sort of environmental-based work in the future.

Girl in purple shirt smiling at black and white paint horse
Girl in purple shirt with a bay draft cross horse

Sam & Disco

Sam loves how Disco has a sweet, goofy personality. He always wants to be a part of what you are doing, whether it's checking out which grooming tool you're grabbing, or simply being right by your side while leading him. After graduating, Sam plans to go straight into the workforce doing GIS and trying to find a way to tie that into biology.

Girl in green floral dress with her arm around the nose of a chestnut Thoroughbred
Girl in a green floral dress standing with a chestnut Thoroughbred

Katelyn & Fred & Dallas

Fred (show name Gizmo’s War Bonnet) is Katelyn's own horse, and a fun fact about him is that he licks everything! Dallas is a school horse that she has been working with and riding in some of the Leg Up jumper shows. Katelyn is continuing her education at Upstate Medical University, pursuing a degree in physical therapy.

Girl in a bright red dress with a black and white paint horse, glowy lighting.
Girl in a bright red dress with a black and white paint horse

Teresa & Miami

Teresa's favorite memories with Miami are jumping 2'3 with her as well as getting reserve champion in the walk trot division for the Leg Up show series. Upon graduation, Teresa hopes to do GIS with a national park or conservation corps.

Girl in a pale blue dress smiling and staring into the eyes of a bay horse
Girl in a pale blue dress with a bay horse, golden hour lighting

Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

Girl in a bright red dress standing with a black and white medicine hat paint horse
Chestnut Thoroughbred with his head wrapped around a girl in a green floral dress
Girl in a pale blue dress standing with a bay paint/hanoverian mare
Girl in a purple shirt kissing the nose of a bay draft cross mare