Fleabitten gray quarter horse in hunter bridle, black background portrait

Prinzziples Affair "Chance"

Chance was purchased as a yearling and has been in barn ever since. He is now around 23 years old, and all beginners at Amy Hanssen Training Center start on him. He is the best horse to learn on and is a favorite first horse for many young riders, as he is a patient teacher, confidence builder, and knows how to take care of his riders. He is always happy to do his job, whether it's going nice and slow for the littlest riders, or picking it up for the advanced riders and taking seasoned adults to the All American Quarter Horse Congress.

Anyone who has ridden at Amy's will tell you what a gem Chance is. Over the years at AHTC, countless kids have fallen head over heels for horses because of Chance, and his kindness and patience has helped students grow as riders and fall in love with the sport. Everyone who has worked with Chance can be thankful for having such a wonderful 4 legged teacher.

Fleabitten gray quarter horse, senior lesson horse black background
Chance is truly one of a kind. He holds a very special place in my heart. He LOVES children, especially the small ones in his older age. He stands like a statue while the small kids brush, he has the slowest smoothest jog for kids to learn to sit to. He knows when to go and when to stop, he takes care of anyone on his back. I’ve been teaching lessons for a little over 10 years and he is the go to for my beginners. It truly is his favorite thing in life, other than eating, to be there for the kids. He definitely is a once in a lifetime lesson horse and so loved by so many kids!

- Jenna

Two senior horses, a bay and a fleabitten gray, touching noses, black background

Tim and Chance were such angels to photograph. Be sure to check out Tim's blog post if you haven't seen it yet!