Bay horse black background, Amy Hanssen Training Center

Cajuns Jet "Tim"

Tim is a favorite for many past and present riders at Amy Hanssen Training Center in Middleport, NY. Amy started riding him as a 3-year-old and he was a champion hunter back in the day. Over the years he has taught so many students how to jump.

Despite now being in the neighborhood of 30 years old, Tim is not ready to retire yet. He is still rocking it as a lesson horse; taking kids to their first shows, packing young riders around in IEA, and also jumping the occasional crossrail. He truly has a heart of gold, and enjoys leisurely trotting small kids safely around the ring. Tim is a very special horse to this barn and is such as kind soul, which was evident to see while I was out to photograph him.

Black background headshot of a bay senior lesson horse in a hunter bridle

"Tim has been a staple at AHTC for decades! He had an incredible show career that's well documented but his late life should be photographed too."


A bay horse and a fleabitten gray horse side by side facing the camera, black background portrait

Tim and Chance, the unicorn lesson horses of Amy Hanssen Training Center. Be on the lookout for Chance's featured blog post!