My Passion project

I've had the idea for this project for a while, and I am so glad to have finally started sharing it with you all. I want to give back to the beloved lesson horses in Western New York that help shape so many riders' lives. I started riding when I was 9 years old, but didn't get my first horse until I was 23. I grew up riding lesson horses, and even when I got older and starting working with green horses or riding boarders' or trainers' horses, it was the lesson horses that had the most significant impact on my riding. They were the confidence builders, the support and comfort at a time when I was a fearful rider, and taught me how to have fun while riding. I have absolutely loved reading all of the stories that people have sent while nominating their favorite lesson horses, and I can't wait to share many of them with you!

Lesson Horses of Hunters Ridge, Inc.

Louis and Easy are owned by Lindsay Lindke of Hunters Ridge in Lockport, NY. I actually have known Louis for years, as he used to belong to Nancy Bechtel, one of my former trainers and a legend in the Western New York horse community. I was so glad to see Louis go to another wonderful lesson program, and it was this connection that led me to choosing him as my first subject in my lesson horse project. I reached out to Lindsay with my goal and she was more than happy to have me out to get some glamour shots of a couple of her horses.

Pumpking "Louis"

Lindsay has had Louis for two years now and he has become a solid member of the lesson and IEA program. Lindsay's favorite memory of him is watching a very small rider from the barn draw him in a beginner flat class at an IEA show and have a great ride with her feet barely reaching below the saddle flap. Louis has been Horse of the Show for IEA, has won multiple champions at shows, and a ribbon in the derby at Erie Hunt and Saddle Club.

Black background of a chestnut Thoroughbred lesson horse
3/4 body black background portrait of a chestnut Thoroughbred
head and neck black background portrait of a chestnut Thoroughbred

Easy to Say "Easy"

Lindsay has owned Easy for a year. The day after Easy came home, Lindsay's son skipped school and did a pretend show with her. The commands were "sit, stay, trot, and take a break" and she was so patient with him.

"Easy came to the barn not eating treats and now I think she'd learn to roll over for a snack! She loves all treats!" Lindsay says.

bay horse black background, beginner lesson horse
head and neck black background, bay horse
3/4 body black background portrait bay horse