Duffy-Housel Group Inc.

Lockport, NY

October 15 & 19, 2022

For the second time, I had the privilege of photographing a marvelous group of horses at this stable, this time at trainer Hannah Duffy's gorgeous brand-new facility. Back in 2020 at their previous farm, I did black background portraits for a total of eight horses over the course of two days. This year, four more equine models stepped in front of my camera for their glamour shots, and I am so excited to share the results!

Duffy-Housel Group is a hunter/jumper show barn in Lockport, New York, providing top-notch care for their horses and ponies. I love photographing here as each horse is meticulously prepared for their photoshoot, looking as though they are ready to step right into a show ring!

Brattino "Theo"

Theo is a handsome Holsteiner gelding with one of the best tails on any horse I've photographed! A fun fact about Theo is that he loves to dunk his head in water, whether it be buckets, wheelbarrows, or dog bowls.

Buffalo equine black background portraits
WNY equine black background
Buffalo horse black background

Shenandoah Honky-Tonk "Eagle"

Eagle is only the second pony I've done portraits of. At the end of his session, Eagle got to pose with his big brother Pierre.

Horse and pony black background
Roan Welsh pony black background
Roan pony black background headshot

Lunatico Kristal B "Kris"

A gorgeous gray with a black background? Yes please! It was love at first sight for owner Amanda; her favorite memory of Kris is the first time she ever saw him when she was out trying horses.

WNY horse black background portrait
Equine fine art photography
Gray warmblood horse black background


Carco is the third of Sherri and Amanda's horses that I've done portraits of. Ducky and Clue had their sessions in 2020, but joined in for some group shots this time around. The three geldings were so well behaved and stood perfectly so we could capture a portrait of all of them - the cover image of this blog!

Bay warmblood horse black background
Lockport New York equine photography
Lockport New York horse photography
Bay warmblood horses portrait
Bay warmblood horses black background